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5 New Norcross Area Homes For Sale

(Realtor) NORCROSS, GA — Looking for a new house, and want to get a better feel for what’s available near you? Need some help in your search? With our weekly list of new properties in your area, you can stay on top of the scene. Below is a list of the five most recent properties

Celebrities at the Rockets’ narrow loss to the Warriors

It’s only the second week of March, but Wednesday night’s Rockets-Warrios game at Toyota Center had the energy of a playoff game. There was the high level of play, the national TV audience, a little trash talk on both sides, and even rapt attention of celebrities usually reserved for a playoff game in Houston. Astros

Norcross: 5 Nearby Open Houses To Stop By

(Realtor) NORCROSS, GA — Browsing homesup for sale online can be a frustrating experience. While listing images can help, they’re no stand-in for the real thing. That’s the beauty of the IRL open house: A chance to try before you buy! Ready to see what’s out there? To help you out, we’ve made a list

National Surety Services, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years

NORCROSS, Ga., January 24, 2019 ( – Surety bonding agency National Surety Services, Inc. (NSSI), is celebrating 25 years of supporting construction and service firms. NSSI has developed a strong reputation in the industry for excelling in fast turnarounds and for providing high-quality service for all size businesses. NSSI’s twenty-five-year mark is June 30, 2019.