Exploring Life In Norcross, Georgia

Norcross, Georgia has loads of Southern charm, yet it also close to a big city if you need some excitement. Norcross has a total small town feel but it is only about 20 miles away from Atlanta, so you can easily get there in just a short drive or train ride.

If you love history and vintage charm you will love Norcross because there are plenty of charming buildings in the area and you can buy a beautiful old home for an affordable price if you are interested in buying a home. The downtown is historic and it is lined with cute shops and restaurants.

One of the big draws of Norcross is how much green space there is in the city. There are a ton of parks and open spaces and if you have a family you will love it because there are so many places to take the kids. Norcross is a suburb and it is a safe one. It is also affordable and you will find lots of beautiful and affordable homes. You can buy a new home or a vintage home for a great price. Apartments are affordable in the area as well.

The city is a great place to relax and enjoy your family and it gets you close enough to Atlanta without having to deal with all the traffic and crime. It is easy to go to Atlanta for the day or evening and enjoy the entertainment, shopping, and food, and then come home to your safe and comfortable home.

The intensity of the city can get annoying after a while, and sometimes you just want a big yard and a beautiful home. Atlanta is expensive and you don’t get much house or land for your money. Norcross has all the pleasures of a small town and you get to enjoy the proximity of Atlanta.

Living in Atlanta isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Your only advantage is that you are close to the restaurants and entertainment options. Your overall quality of life might not be so great however. Dealing with the constant traffic and noise is difficult and there is always the crime to worry about.

Norcross is a safe city that is much more affordable than Atlanta and it offers you a high quality of life. If you are serious about saving money, move to Norcross.